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PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd has an impressive track record in the development of proprietary jack up rigs via a wholly owned subsidiary, Baker Marine (based in Houston, Texas). Serving as the in-house design "Center of excellence" with a track record of having designed 69 rigs that have been put into operation worldwide. Baker's rigs have always incorporated leading edge evolutions in its designs; from the BMC Big foot to the High Specification Pacific Class 400 jack up rig. PPL has an impressive portfolio of proven jack up designs in operation in many of today's fields. The flagship jack up rig, the Pacific Class 375 has delivered a total of 27 units, while the latest Pacific Class 400 has delivered 9 units so far.

Pacific Class 400
Pacific Class 375

PPL's Research and Development Thrusts are geared towards the evolution of the 'Next Generation' rig. Working closely with rig operators, classification societies and major clients - the Baker Rig has always been at the forefront of delivering high specifications rigs to meet a diverse range of operational requirements. PPL is also committed to driving and funding many Research and Development projects in collaboration with local research institutions via a comprehensive Technology Roadmap across key rig components design, analysis and enhancements. The most recent of which is the Joint Maritime Port Authority - TRI R&D Programme between MPA , Institute of High Performance Computing (a subsidiary of A*Star) and PPL Shipyard to provide design analysis and improvement projects toward new generation Jack-up systems.

PPL shipyard's rigs are unique to our competitors in a sense that it is a completely in-house developed proprietary product, not adapted from other older designs. The design of this rig incorporates efficient construction methodology interfaced for optimum construction methodology from the start. This enables PPL shipyard to be configured as an efficient 'manufacturing plant' to generate rigs with consistency across all construction processes and quality, enabling unparalleled efficacy in the use of limited land area. Many facilities in the shipyard were also customized to cater to the rig construction process generating time and cost savings. This approach is replicated across the other shipyards in the group to deliver optimal construction output.

BMC 350 IC BMC Canada Class BMC 300 IC BMC 250 Mat
BMC 200 IC BMC 150 IC BMC 100 IC BMC Big Foot
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