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General Overview of the construction process of a Jackup Rig:

Pre-fabrication starts with the bottom plate and tank top compartments from the center blocks starting with the Mud Pump Room Double Bottom followed by the Main Generator Room and Mud Pits. Next to be pre-fabricated are the Machinery Deck panels and Main Deck panels. Upon completion, the blocks will be transferred to the hull assembly and launching area for erection and keel lay.

Erection of the respective blocks forming the rig's Main Hull will follow working their way from the center blocks to form the complete Main Hull. Wing tank blocks and legwells will either be fabricated and assembled in-situ, or outsourced for block fabrication and assembly. The completed blocks will then be transported to the yard and erected onto the main hull structure.

The spud cans will be fabricated in panels and assembled as a complete unit within the vicinity of the Main Hull. Upon completion, the whole spud can unit is elevated to its actual location and set in position. The lower leg sections are then aligned and joined to the spud cans.

Fabrication activities of leg sections will be carried out in the leg fabrication jigs. Completed leg sections, pre-fabricated in specific length will be blasted/final coated before erection. They will be transferred to within reach of the platform ringer crane. The completed leg sections will be joined to predetermined lengths, painted at the joints and later erected on to the Main Hull. Leg sections that are beyond the reach of the platform ringer crane will be erected by using the skidding method, a time and tried procedure successfully carried out on rigs delivered recently.

Upon completion of the tank-top block erections and structural foundation works, major equipment installation like the main generators, mud pumps, etc shall be carried out progressively, before the Main Deck panels erection. After completion of Main Deck structural works including structural foundations and crane pedestals, equipment installation on the Main Deck will be carried out progressively.

The Living Quarters, Upper Guide with braces/jack frames, Lower Guide structures and the Cantilever Securing Structures will form part of the Main Hull prior to launching. Sections of the leg will be erected/welded to the spud cans and attached to the hull by the pinions of the jacking system.

The Living Quarters' structure will be assembled in seven sub blocks, blasted and painted before erection onto the Main Hull, followed later by the helideck truss. The helideck pancake will be erected after launching.

The Cantilever and Drill-floor will be fabricated and assembled independently. The completed units will be subsequently erected onto the main hull using heavy lift floating crane.

The main hull shall be launched into the sea with sufficient leg lengths installed. The derrick will be installed right after the rig is launched. Remaining leg sections are installed onto the rig at the leg erection station.

For the erection of the last sections of the legs, the rig will be jack up to the highest completed leg joint and a skid over operation of the last leg sections will be carried out.

Testing and commissioning shall commence after mechanical and electrical completion (MC & EC) has been carried out as required by the construction specification. Drilling systems integration tests will be carried out as agreed in the contract specification. The rig will be then cleaned up in preparation of an Inclining experiment and subsequently delivered.

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