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bizSAFE Star

PPL Shipyard successfully achieved bisSAFE star since 2010, certifying its capability to implement and maintain exemplary standards in WSH Management.


bizSAFE Partner

PPL Shipyard was certified in April 2009 as a bizSAFE Partner in recognition of its efforts to encourage and nurture SMEs to join the bizSAFE community and progressively upgrade their capabilities.
PPL Shipyard was awarded the bizSAFE Partners awards in 2013.


PPL Shipyard is renowned specialist in the rig building industry with a proven record to deliver quality products with the highest safety standards. This is particularly proven with the significant number of WSH awards achieved by PPL Shipyard. Listed below are accolades achieved in recent years:

Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Awards:
This annual awards recognize both organizations and individuals who have contributed to achieving excellence in workplace safety and health.


WSH Performance Award (Silver) - Achieved in 2011,2012 & 2013


Listed below are the respective projects which achieved this award:
Yr 2011

  • P2025 EL Qaher II
  • P2030 Transocean honor
  • PPLS Fabrication Workshop (12 Pandan)

Yr 2012
  • P2031 Atwood Mako
  • PPL Tuas Yard - Rig building (27 Tuas)
  • P2030 Transocean Honor
  • PPLS Fabrication Workshop (12 Pandan)

Yr 2013
  • P2031 Atwood Mako
  • P2032 Atwood Manta
  • P2033 Atwood Orca
  • P2036 AL Jassra
  • P2037 Fortius
  • PPLS Fabrication Workshop (12 Pandan)
  • PPL Tuas Yard - Rig building (27 Tuas)


Workplace Safety & Health Innovation Team Competition
Yr 2009 - Gold Award: Claminator (PPL Shipyard)
Yr 2012 - Bronze Award: Ergo Grinder Stand (PPL Shipyard)


WSH Best Practices award
Yr 2010 - Pipe Transporter (PPL Shipyard)
Yr 2011 - Trizzer (PPL Shipyard)


WSH Innovation Award
Yr 2010 - Claminator (PPL Shipyard)


WSH Supervisor Award
Yr 2010 - Meiyappan Murugesan (Piping Foreman)
Yr 2012 - Richard Low Keng Fatt (Senior Foreman)


WSO Officer award
Yr 2012 - Tan Joo Jin (Asst. HSE Manager)
Yr 2013 - Teo Peng Tiong (Asst HSE Manager)


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